Project Hospital gets announced!

We're happy to announce our first project developed under the Oxymoron Games brand!
Project Hospital lets you build and manage every detail of your dream hospital and diagnose and treat individual patients. Friendly to casual players and with a lot of depth for hardcore gamers.

Play Project Hospital at GDS conference!

We'll be at the indie expo at Game Developers Session 2017, if you're attending, come and play an early version of Project Hospital!
The expo takes place 17–18 November 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Visit for more info and tickets.



Oxymoron games is a new indie game studio based in Prague, founded by a small group of Czech industry veterans. We've gathered a lot of experience both at home and abroad, having worked on such games as Mafia II, Mafia III, Quantum Break, Top Spin 4 or Euro Truck Simulator.
We've finally found ourselves in the right time and place to have a shot at creating our very own game - this is when Project Hospital got born.


Project Hospital lets you build and manage every detail of your very own hospital and also diagnose and treat individual patients. We aim to create a game both friendly to casual players and providing a lot of depth for experienced gamers. It will feature different departments, over a hundred medical conditions based on real world diseases and injuries and a detailed diagnosis process.

The game has been in development for a year and is coming to Steam in 2018 to cure your nostalgia!

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